Seamless Procurement & Trading Solutions for Raw Cashew Nuts

Farm-to-Table Procurement & Trading of Premium Raw Cashews

At Zeligr Exim, we are proud to offer Farm-to-Table Procurement & Trading services. We make sure you can get the best and freshest premium raw cashews straight from the farms to your table. We stand out in the industry because we are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. This makes us the trusted choice for businesses and individuals who want the best raw cashew nuts.



Do you want procurement from your doorstep?

Zeligr Exim’s procurement services provide a seamless solution for sourcing raw cashew nuts directly from farms. We offer farm gate pricing, which ensures fair and competitive rates for our valued clients. By working closely with farmers and establishing long-term relationships, we guarantee a reliable supply of premium quality raw cashew nuts while supporting sustainable farming practices. Trust our procurement expertise to deliver the finest raw cashew nuts, meeting your specific requirements with transparency and efficiency.

Direct Sourcing

Farm Gate Pricing

Sustainable Partnerships

Premium Quality

Our Process


Raw Cashew Procurement


Optimal Moisture Extraction for Quality Preservation


Raw cashews are packed in new 80 kg jute bags, preserving quality and preventing moisture.


Trustworthy shipping provider for prompt delivery.


Factory-direct doorstep delivery of raw cashews.




Our trading services at Zeligr Exim encompass a range of unique advantages. We go above and beyond to ensure the utmost quality in every transaction. With a rigorous triple quality check process, we meticulously examine the raw cashew nuts three times before delivery, guaranteeing that only the finest products reach your doorstep. To maintain transparency and uphold the highest standards, we conduct third-party surveys, providing unbiased assessments of the raw cashew nuts’ quality. Moreover, we take an extra step by subjecting any cargo delivered to your processing industry to a thorough and comprehensive quality check at a higher level. At Zeligr Exim, our commitment to uncompromising quality standards sets us apart in the trading industry, giving you peace of mind and confidence in every transaction.

Our Availability

Mangalore Port

Mundra Port

Nhava Sheva Port

Kolkata Port

Tuticorin Port

Local Trading Services Within India

In addition to our global trading services, we are proud to offer local trading within India. Our local trading operations provide a convenient and efficient platform for businesses and individuals across the country to access high-quality raw cashew nuts. With our extensive network and expertise, we facilitate seamless transactions, ensuring fair prices and prompt delivery. Whether you are a small-scale processor, a distributor, or a raw cashew enthusiast, our local trading services cater to your specific needs, connecting you with the finest raw cashew nuts available within India. Trust us for reliable sourcing, transparent transactions, and exceptional customer service in our local trading operations.

Our commitment: Whatever you ask for, we deliver.

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